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Saturday, 18 of June of 2005




Migrations, xenophobia e growth of racism

Eduardo Frigoletto de Menezes


In the last decades, motivated mainly for the increase of the socioeconomics inequalities, he is having an increase of the migratory flow of the inhabitants of the poor countries in the direction of the rich countries.


Several of these developed countries present population problems, also, some of them, are with negative vegetative growth (absolute loss of population), had to the low taxes of natality and the aging of its inhabitants, factor that generates increase of mortality.


This set of factors makes that these countries need immigrant man power in order will not harm its economies. However, the immigration, that is the solution most viable for the economic maintenance of those countries, is faced by the local population with great distrust. A species of force of the evil friction the immigrants as flock of evildoers, spread for the country, taking off the jobs of the good workers, violating its women, destroying its homes, eating its children... that I exaggerate!


This phenomenon, known as xenophobia, comes growing and if incorporating others not less condemnable, as the racist movements (Ku-Klux-Klan), neo-nazists (Skin Heads), anti-Semitism (aversion to the Jews) and to other ethnic-religious conflicts.


Curiously, one of the countries xenophobes is Portugal. In 2004 that country it defined through its Institute of Job and Professional Formation, 8,500 vacant for immigrants in its market of work. The bureaucracy made with that to the end of the year 641 vacant were only filled. The most serious of everything this is that the great majority of the refused ones was Brazilian. Without speaking in the 3,044 Brazilians barred in the airports of Portugal for problems with the entrance visas. Soon Brazil, that receives the Portuguese so well. Studies indicate that only in the Ceará 40,000 patricians inhabit there more than, without that do not have obstacle some so that they open a company.


By the way, it is not alone with Brazil that exists unwillingness of the Portuguese part. Between Portugal and Spain the antipathy is mutual. In Portugal it exists up to one dictated popular one that says: "Of Spain nor good wind, nor good marriage". How much to the Spaniard, they are very or sufficiently worried if to live in the same building where they live Portuguese, although more to be worried about the immigrant North Africans (mainly Moroccan) and Latin Americans.


Na Spain, Argentine citizens come systematically being barred when they try to emigrate there, despite of existence bilateral agreements that establish the good agreement between both countries and, to have very Spanish in Argentina (254.073) do that Argentine in Spain (9.422), as points given do year of 2000. Without speaking that Spain was place of recent racist manifestations, when exalted fans more to scold the player Robert Carlos of "macaquito".


Paradoxically, of Argentina - country that if complaint of xenophobic treatment on the part of Spain - he is the Disábato player who, during a departure of soccer here in Brazil, would have called the Brazilian player "Graphite" "boldface of m....". Curious it is if to evidence that the nickname "graphite" also is a racist reference.


In Italy, the problem arrives the governmental sphere. The xenophobe leader Humberto Bossi is integrant of the government of Silvio Berlusconi and defends until the use of shots of cannons to bar the boats that try there to disembark immigrant illegal. This fact even generated protests of the allies of the government.


For the skill, with more rigid laws, economic sanctions on the part of world-wide agencies as the ONU, OMC and World Bank, education and the promotion of the reduction of the social inequalities it only is that we will be able to reduce this problem.



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