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On the author

Eduardo Frigoletto de Menezes, was born in Rio De Janeiro in day 25 of October (scorpion sign). Perhaps for having mulberry in the quarter of the Catete (next to the quarter to the Flamengo, is flamenguist and loving of the sports in general, where it practices several of them such as: surf, volley and tennis of table. In the soccer games it is a vigorous defender, collecting some nicknames such as: "Tractor", "Tratoletto", "Great" e "Schwartzenneger".
In the classrooms more it is known as
Frigoletto or affectionately as "Frigão".




Good part of its professional life was dedicated to the administrative area, where it exerted function of commands in some companies.


Permitted in Geography for the Ufal - Federal University of Alagoas, currently is postgraduate in College Education for the IBESA - Institute Baptist of Superior Education of Alagoas.



Currently he is pupil in the Course of Master in Dynamic of the Inhabited Space of the Federal University of Alagoas.


Author and proprietor of the Frigoletto site which comes getting about 300.000 visited pages monthly and more than 114,000 different people of more than 60 countries, its great current passion is the study of Geography where it comes if dedicating 48 hours per day (24 hours in real time and 24 hours saw Internet).


It published in "the Periodical", during 59 Sundays, in the column "Cities", its work entitled Maceió Yesterday and Today on the Urban Evolution of Maceió.



In the Education of Geography, currently it gives lessons:


  • in the Cefet, to the pupils of 2º and 3º years of Average Ensign;


He is former-professor:


  • in the College Marista of Maceió, to the pupils of 2º year of Average Ensign;

  • in the College Angle, to the pupils of the 1º year of Average Ensign;

  • of the College Batista Alagoano;

  • of the IBC - College and Courses;

  • of MV - Maceió Vestibulares.

  • in the NV - Nunila Vestibulares that is in the city of  São Miguel dos Campos, to the pupils who will make vestibular contest during the year.


Currently it comes if pledging so that Geography occupies its place that is without a doubt some of prominence in a world that much is said in "Ambient Questions".



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